Le Taxes- She Ees Done

(How do you type with a French accent?) Anyway, the taxes are in, both state and federal have been accepted electronically. None of that paper stuff for me. I actually have not printed a single page during this year’s filing-fest, which is a first. I will print out a final copy for disaster recovery purposes (in case all the hard drives it’s stored on have died), but other than that no trees were killed. I’m getting greener the older I get . . . <insert joke about algae here>.  Now all I have to look forward to is the big fat check from Uncle Sam, I’m getting much more than usual this year. Not sure what I can spend it on yet, I’ll have to do some creative thinking. As luck would have it, over the last few months I’ve bought a couple of things that would have made perfect ‘blow the tax refund’ items*. I’ll have to think of something new- at the moment, I’m thinking maybe invest it somehow, but that’s pretty boring.

* A Windows tablet, primarily- that was in lieu of a laptop, so it was justified as being less expensive.