Wouldn’t You Know

It was 101 degrees in Chicago today.  Tomorrow it’s forecast to be 105 – record heat.  Of course, today there was a power brownout that only lasted for about 15 seconds— but that was enough to make our air conditioner go kaput.  I’m talking about the compressor unit for the central air.  I’m now wishing it was a window unit, I would just go get a new one.

However— I thought it would be impossible to find anyone to come look at it, given the heat wave we’ve been having.  But no, our regular service company is coming out tomorrow (maybe even in the morning) to look at it.  This gets the ball rolling WAAAAAAAYY sooner than I thought it would be.  If it’s a simple fix, perhaps tomorrow won’t be as sweat-inducing as I feared.

However (again)— if the unit is truly dead, how are we going to get a new one quickly?  It’s about 19 years old, when we last had it serviced the tech wrote on the bill “replace soon.”  Not good.  Especially if, while we wait for a new one, the temperature climbs to 105. Eeks.  Nothing to do now but wait and see what the verdict is, and try to keep cool- in more ways than one.