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Dog Days, Part 2 . . .

Heat Wave ChicagoI was just reading my earlier post about hot temps in June.  HA!!  I feel stupid now-  the last 3 days have been:  101, 102, 104.  Today it’s ONLY 98.  Welcome to July.

I went out this morning when it was 83, it felt cool- for once the wind wasn’t hot, it was refreshing.  At least the air is on indoors . . .  and it’s only supposed to be 81 tomorrow!  WooHoo!!

Wouldn’t You Know- It Worked Out Great

As it turns out, the Great Air-Conditioning Crisis was mercifully short.  It turned out that the Condenser (the rooftop part) was indeed fried- the controls/compressor had been mortally damaged by the power brownout.  With the heat wave (today’s high temp- 103; tomorrow- forecast of 103.  !!!) fixing it FAST was imperative.

Air Conditioner (old)

But— they were able to replace it in ONE DAY!!!!  We didn’t even have to wait until tomorrow!!  The A/C repair guy came out early in the morning, looked at it, determined the problem, — and was able to get us both a new rooftop unit (condenser) and inside-the-house unit (coil/air handler) — the same day!!!  As you may be able to tell, I was mightily impressed.  That is the best customer service I’ve experienced in quite some time.  I did have to take the day off from work, but it was only one day, not more like I’d been dreading.Air Conditioner (new)

The upshot is, we have better, and MUCH quieter, air conditioning- the air now feels drier than before, and you can hear the TV just fine when it’s running.  It makes sense, the old one was 19 years old.  This one should work better, and be much more energy efficient.  Hopefully we’ll be paying less than the normal $300/month summer electric bills. Now, even with 103 degree heat outside, it keeps the house cool- much better, the old one could only keep it at about 81 in the really hot weather.  All in all, a GOOD trade.  And- it looks like the homeowner’s insurance will be paying for most of it.  WOW!!

Wouldn’t You Know

It was 101 degrees in Chicago today.  Tomorrow it’s forecast to be 105 – record heat.  Of course, today there was a power brownout that only lasted for about 15 seconds— but that was enough to make our air conditioner go kaput.  I’m talking about the compressor unit for the central air.  I’m now wishing it was a window unit, I would just go get a new one.

However— I thought it would be impossible to find anyone to come look at it, given the heat wave we’ve been having.  But no, our regular service company is coming out tomorrow (maybe even in the morning) to look at it.  This gets the ball rolling WAAAAAAAYY sooner than I thought it would be.  If it’s a simple fix, perhaps tomorrow won’t be as sweat-inducing as I feared.

However (again)— if the unit is truly dead, how are we going to get a new one quickly?  It’s about 19 years old, when we last had it serviced the tech wrote on the bill “replace soon.”  Not good.  Especially if, while we wait for a new one, the temperature climbs to 105. Eeks.  Nothing to do now but wait and see what the verdict is, and try to keep cool- in more ways than one.

Breitling Envy, or Circular Logic

Lately I’ve been thinking about getting a new watch.  The problem with that is, I think of this:


Breitling Navitimer WorldWhich is a very nice watch.  So nice, the price has 5 digits before the decimal.  Making it (in my book) a VERY expensive watch. Which means I probably shouldn’t/couldn’t buy it.  Which makes me sad, which makes me think about . . . a new watch.


Dog Days

This is the time of year when it just starts to feel hot.  It’s probably my least favorite time of year, I constantly wish I was in Michigan on a beach.  Ahhh

I really hate walking home in work clothes during the hottest part of the day.

To illustrate, here’s the latest high temperatures:  85, 92, 94, 93.  It’s the warmest June in 25 years.  Time to start planning that beach vacation.

Teleflora Does NOT Care About Customers

For Mother’s Day, I decided to send my mom some flowers.  So, I went online and found a great promotion through Teleflora.  They had some nice bouquets, so I went ahead and placed an order.  All told, it was almost $100 with the delivery- and this was with a discount from the Mother’s Day promo.

Today, the day they were to be delivered, I got an email from them:

SO-  this makes me think they were doing some false advertising.  Why have promotions all over the Internet, when you can’t fulfill the orders???

They even said if they run out of a particular type of flowers they would send a substitute— NOT just cancel the order.  And giving me a 30% discount on a future order—  well, how many orders do they think I’m going to give them?   NONE.

And— the best part is, I now get to call my mom and tell her that there won’t be anything showing up.


Le Taxes- She Ees Done

(How do you type with a French accent?) Anyway, the taxes are in, both state and federal have been accepted electronically. None of that paper stuff for me. I actually have not printed a single page during this year’s filing-fest, which is a first. I will print out a final copy for disaster recovery purposes (in case all the hard drives it’s stored on have died), but other than that no trees were killed. I’m getting greener the older I get . . . <insert joke about algae here>.  Now all I have to look forward to is the big fat check from Uncle Sam, I’m getting much more than usual this year. Not sure what I can spend it on yet, I’ll have to do some creative thinking. As luck would have it, over the last few months I’ve bought a couple of things that would have made perfect ‘blow the tax refund’ items*. I’ll have to think of something new- at the moment, I’m thinking maybe invest it somehow, but that’s pretty boring.

* A Windows tablet, primarily- that was in lieu of a laptop, so it was justified as being less expensive.