Teleflora Does NOT Care About Customers

For Mother’s Day, I decided to send my mom some flowers.  So, I went online and found a great promotion through Teleflora.  They had some nice bouquets, so I went ahead and placed an order.  All told, it was almost $100 with the delivery- and this was with a discount from the Mother’s Day promo.

Today, the day they were to be delivered, I got an email from them:

SO-  this makes me think they were doing some false advertising.  Why have promotions all over the Internet, when you can’t fulfill the orders???

They even said if they run out of a particular type of flowers they would send a substitute— NOT just cancel the order.  And giving me a 30% discount on a future order—  well, how many orders do they think I’m going to give them?   NONE.

And— the best part is, I now get to call my mom and tell her that there won’t be anything showing up.